New Covid-19 measures

With immediate effect, the Dutch government has announced a lockdown, as a result of which all attractions, activities and non-essential shops will be closed until 19 January 2021.

Visit Christmas Town Valkenburg with confidence

There is no mistake: Christmas Town Valkenburg is going ahead! Everyone in Valkenburg puts their best foot forward to ensure a safe and relaxed visit. We kindly request that you follow the rules. If everyone cooperates, once again, Christmas Town Valkenburg will be an enchanting experience.


These are the four most important guidelines. We try to keep it simple.


1.5 metres social distance

Keep at least 1.5 metres distance, even from Santa! Be patient and friendly to others.

Avoid crowds

Try to plan your visit on weekdays, walk straight to your destination or make a detour if there is too much of a crowd and find a quieter place, they are really there!

Plan your visit

Experience ultimate anticipation by planning your visit down to the smallest detail: pre-book your seat for the attractions and eateries.

Do you have any symptoms of a cold? Stay home!

If you do need to sneeze or cough, please do so into your elbow and wash your hands regularly.


You are not on your own!

We try to keep these guidelines as simple as possible for you. For example, narrow streets only have one-way traffic and there are hospitality guides to keep an eye on things and provide you with information. You can ask them anything. 


Guidelines for specific attractions are published on the relevant websites.

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