Questions about the corona safety measures

COVID-19 safety measures and activities

Because of COVID-19, everything looks different. Fortunately, Christmas town Valkenburg will take place. Thanks to extensive measures that have been taken for your safety. We only ask you to observe a few rules and then we can all safely enjoy a 100% Christmas atmosphere! The most important thing is to plan your day in advance. We wish you lots of fun!

Here you can find out everything you need to know for a safe visit to Valkenburg.

What Coronavirus safety measures apply in Christmas Town Valkenburg? 

  • Coronavirus entry pass: for access to all activities and attractions, Christmas markets and Christmas caves and restaurants, the CoronaCheck app will be used and a valid QR code and proof of identity are required to gain access. For more information on the CoronaCheck app click here.
  • Wearing a face mask: wearing a face mask is mandatory at all events (the Christmas markets and Christmas caves), in stores and restaurants.
  • 1.5 meters distance: it is mandatory to keep 1.5 meters distance from other visitors. The capacity of the Christmas caves has been adjusted accordingly.

Am I obliged to wear a face mask in the Christmas caves?
Yes, as of 28 November it is obligatory to wear a face mask at the Christmas markets in the caves, in the Christmas caves, stores and restaurants. It is not obligatory to wear a face mask at the Christmas markets and events that take place outside. 

Will the Landal Christmas Parade take place? 

Unfortunately, due to the new measures, the Landal Christmas Parade cannot take place. All other activities will take place, these activities can be found on the To Do page.

We have to reserve tickets for the caves, do we also have to reserve tickets for restaurants and terraces?

If you want to be sure of a place, it is best to book in advance. Because the rule for the restaurants and terraces is: full = full. Please note that restaurants ask for a COVID certificate (both inside and for the terraces). Due to the Covid-19 safety measures, all restaurants, bars and terraces close at 17.00 p.m. 

I am not fully vaccinated or recovered from the Coronavirus. Where can I get tested to get a Coronavirus entry pass? 

You can get tested at two locations in Valkenburg:  

  • Health Check Center: Het Bat 5, Valkenburg 
  • Covidtest Limburg: Reinaldstraat 40, Valkenburg

Schedule your appointment online via