Professor dr. Falckenstein

Do you already see the fireflies in the Valkenburg area?

Last year, Professor Dr. Falckenstein crashed, or as he says himself, "landed entirely on schedule" with his MagiCalibrator, in Christmas Town Valkenburg and fell completely in love. He has fallen so much in love with the Christmas town that he doesn't want to leave. He has found a temporary accommodation in the Geulpoort and from there he has been working hard on his magical steampunk inventions. His laboratory is filled with shimmering lights, mysterious sounds and blackened mistakes.

Fortunately, he has managed to repair and even improve his MagiCalibrator! This allows him to teleport children's wishes directly to the North Pole from now on. His explanation of the built-in wish-flux-option beam was unfortunately not quite followable, but we did see a remarkable number of fireflies around the device.

In all his well-intentioned enthusiasm, he moved into the center very early this year to see how preparations for Christmas were progressing. With love, completely uninvited, he already lent a hand! With his two left hands, that is. Fortunately, Karl Heinz is always there for him when something goes wrong.

The MagiCalibrator from Prof. Dr. Falckenstein - which runs on a flux core of positive energy and wishes - will collect wishes in Christmas Town Valkenburg. The MagiCalibrator is the invention of Prof. Dr. Falckenstein who ensures that wishes reach Santa Claus. Can you see them flying, the wishes? Think about your own wish that you give to Prof. Dr. Falckenstein.