Information related to the coronavirus

Only together will we get the coronavirus under control! That is why in Zuid-Limburg we stick to the government's roadmap. Check the websites of the providers for current measures for catering, cultural institutions, museums, accommodation facilities, saunas, and casinos. 

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Here you can find all practical info for groups

Are you coming to Christmas Town Valkenburg with a group of people? Here you will find all the information that you need to ensure a pleasant and safe stay. For groups it’s necessary to book tickets for the Christmas Town Valkenburg activities on beforehand via Tickli, Limburg’s online ticket shop. Please observe the COVID-19 safety measures.

Group tickets & packages

Group tickets can be purchased for several activities in the caves and beyond. You can combine those activities by selecting dates and timeslots for each attraction, adding those to your shopping basket and paying for them in one go.

In addition to the group tickets mentioned above, there is far more on offer for groups in and around Valkenburg. Think of culinary walking packages or active, wintery excursions, all provided by Visit Zuid-Limburg. Plan your day, break, or weekend in advance and book your spots, including the restaurants, hotels and cafés. 

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Kerststad Valkenburg 2019 Sfeer Bovenaf


Are you traveling to Christmas Town Valkenburg by coach? Then we would like to draw your attention to the parking policy. The best place to drop off and pick up your passengers is at the Odapark car park. Please do not forget to turn off the engine. Long idling is not appreciated.

To park your bus, navigate to Prinses Margrietlaan. This parking lot may be full on busy days. In that case traffic controllers will direct you to a different parking area. More information about this will be available soon. 

Visit Christmas Town Valkenburg with a group!

FAQ Touroperators

Can I buy tickets last minute online? Normally we could always reserve our ticket at the Municipal Cave. We are not 100% sure if our day tour will take place.
Tickets are sold at timeslots and full = full. It is advised to buy tickets beforehand, because it might be possible that there are no tickets available at the last moment. Reserving tickets without paying is not possible.

Can you block a timeslot for our day tour?
You can do this yourself by buying the number of tickets within one or more timeslots.

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Kerstmarkt Fluweelengrot

FAQ groups

What about groups? Can we go in at the same time?
Depending on the number of tickets you can buy per time slot, groups can enter, provided that the applicable corona measures are adhered to.

What’s the ticket price for groups?
Check out the page Tickets and the different activities for group prices.