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Do you have plans for visiting Christmas Town Valkenburg with a group of people? Great! Here you will find all information to help you get the most out of your visit.

Group tickets & Packages

Group tickets
For groups bigger than 20 people, you can order group tickets for Christmas Town Valkenburg (Kerststad Valkenburg) via tickli, Limburg’s online ticket shop. Group and combination tickets can be purchased for Christmas Market Municipal Cave, Christmas Market Velvet Cave, Christmas in MergelRijk and Christmas in Winter Wonderland. Order here!

In addition to the group tickets mentioned above, there is far more on offer for groups in and around Valkenburg. Think of culinary walking packages or active, wintery excursions, all provided by Visit Zuid-Limburg. There are also many events to enjoy during the holiday season. Visit for an overview.


Are you traveling to Christmas Town Valkenburg by coach? Then we would like to draw your attention to the parking policy. The best place to drop off and pick up your passengers is at the Odapark car park. Please do not forget to turn off the engine. Long idling is not appreciated.

To park your bus, navigate to Prinses Margrietlaan. This parking lot may be full on busy days. In that case traffic controllers will direct you to Hekerweg, where you can park the bus along the road. Here too we kindly request to turn off the engine immediately. On this map you can see the directions to the Hekerweg and from there back to the city centre of Christmas Town Valkenburg, which takes approximately 20 minutes by foot. 

Overnight stay

A multi-day visit to Christmas Town Valkenburg is even more fun! There are numerous options for overnight stay and lovely accommodations, also for groups. Visit Zuid-Limburg will be happy to help you further. For all accommodations, click here or call 0900-555 9798 (€ 1,00 per call).


The Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience is the best source of information if you want to visit Christmas Town Valkenburg with a group. Here they know the best places to stay for you and your group. They also know which restaurants can provide you and you group with a snack and a drink, lunch or dinner. 

Visit Zuid-Limburg
Information & Reservations Department
Tel. 0031 – (0)43-6098500

Free access for one driver or tour guide

There is no need for a driver or tour guide to wait on the bus until your group finally returns after hours of strolling around at the Christmas markets. Groups consisting of 30 people or more may take one driver or tour guide with them for free. Naturally, in order to get free access, he/she should identify him-/herself at every cave entrance.



Practical info

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