Christmas Crib Walk

Experience the Christmas atmosphere in peace

From December 6 till January 6 beautiful crib walks have been set out in picturesque Schin op Geul, Sibbe, Broekhem and Houthem. These beautiful walks lead you past dozens of christmas cribs, various crosses and chapels and are the ideal opportunity to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in peace.

If you are looking for an enchanting Christmas experience, the crib walks in and around the nature of Valkenburg are an absolute must-do. The annual crib walks show the warmth and magic of Christmas in a unique way. During the various kribkes walks you walk from kribke to kribke (the Limburg word for nativity scene) in the Valkenburg area. Each crib has its own unique atmosphere, often supplemented with lights or something moving. The routes vary in length, so there is always a route you can walk. In short: the crib walks are a welcome change during the busy Christmas holidays!

The routes are ideal for families with children to enjoy the Christmas spirit in a fun way at the many beautifully set up cribs! At various locations along the routes it is possible to take a break with a (hot) drink and delicious treats.

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