Christmas Market Velvet Cave

The most ambient Christmas market in the Netherlands!

Underneath the ruined castle of Valkenburg, centuries-old corridors meander through the yellow marlstone. The Christmas market, that spreads its stalls through the caves each year, makes a visit to the Velvet Cave (Fluweelengrot) even more enchanting.

Next to the 50 beautifully decorated stalls with surprising Christmas items, you can also admire historical charcoal drawings and other cave art on the carved marlstone walls. Fragrances of typical Christmas market delicacies infuse the inviting, underground catering square: welcome!

Visit the Velvet Cave!

Prepare and plan your visit in advance. Keep in mind that the cave does not have a ticket office. Tickets for the Christmas market in the Velvet Cave must be purchased online. The Velvet Cave is wheelchair accessible and dogs are not allowed.